Our Mission at the ARC


The American Recovery Centers, or The ARC, is a Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Clinic specializing in the care of patients who have become or may be opioid dependent. We provide Clinical as well as Psychological and Case Management assistance to our patients. We use a buprenorphine-based therapy to help patients make a transition away from the dangers of hard prescribed and street opiates, to a life of maintenance and managed treatment. Our ultimate goal of course, is to facilitate the process of a FULL recovery for all patients: so that they may enjoy the eventual freedom of a life free from the harmful effects of prolonged opiate use. 


At the ARC, we are committed to helping all of our patients who are struggling with opiate use with only the finest, most dedicated customer service. Working with patients on a real, intimate level, along with first class service is our goal. We believe that the power of opiate addiction can overwhelm anyone, regardless of income, education, background, or will. And when that moment arrives, the ARC will be the refuge our patients have waited for. There is hope at the ARC for anyone who is suffering from the damaging effects of opioid dependency. Don't wait another day, call us now... (901)746-9557

The American Recovery Centers-Memphis is a clinic dedicated to helping others fight opioid addiction. We utilize Suboxone MAT Prescription Therapy, as well as counseling from a licensed counselor to achieve this. Our out-patient program is designed to help individuals gradually wean themselves off opioids. In addition, we offer S.M.A.R.T. Recovery Meetings to help anyone who might like assistance.